5 Great First Date Questions

First Date

First dates can be very nerve-wracking! We worry that things won’t go right, that we’ll end up saying something stupid and that the other person simply won’t like us. It’s easy to get flustered when you feel nervous and unprepared. Making a quick note of great first date questions to ask can help you break the ice and appear more confident – even if it is only on the outside!

Most people want to feel challenged

Thought-provoking first date questions that cause the other person to think will automatically give you high marks in their books. They want someone on the same level as them. Thus, questions that cause the other person to think of interesting ways to improve themselves or tackle their current situation (or in the case of dating, both of you) will automatically gain you automatically high marks in their opinion. To name a few thought-provoking questions, here are some good ones to ask on a first date. Remember, they should not be question where you have to answer, but rather suggested conversation topics.

Would you marry you? – this may sound like a strange question; after all, it’s usually ordinary “Would you like to marry you?” However, it’s not just that the phrase is simple to say and the answer is often complicated, it’s also quite engaging! Asking this question is a great way to get an idea of what she finds important and whether your views are compatible. Unlike many other first date questions, you’ll be able to see how she takes the question and how she answers it.

Would you like to have kids? – here is another question

You may be sure that your date has possibly other opinions on this subject, as most people do. Yet asking this question can be great ice-breaker. You can’t expect the other person to say “yes” or “no”. But if they’re a thoughtful and caring person, they may be able to answer something which you have to consider in your own future with them. In this case, it’s also a very good idea to know whether they would be willing to have children someday.

Would you still want to do it? – if you’ve been dating a long time and your partner is still willing to continue dating you, this may be an indication that he or she may be truly in love with you. Or in other cases, it may simply mean that he or she strongly believes in “does he/she still want to do it?”. Asking this question puts all the other questions to one side as this one is simply the most important!What are your hobbies? – Although it maybe a little boring for some, it can be a very good idea to ask your date what he or she likes to do in their free time. It is a good idea to know what fun hobbies the other person enjoys and that they find interesting. It is another great question to ask to keep the conversation expanding and to know what interests the other person.

What do you do for fun? – Although a fun question, it can sometimes be a little tricky as you want to make sure that you don’t ask it too much in a creepy manner. It can be great initiative for the both of you to do something together, whether it is a simple getting-to-know-you round or a visit someplace amusement-based.If you’re still unsure about how to start a great conversation on a first date, you can consult with a gifted ociologistlike myself who is board member of spiked intuition and author of Spiked Intuable Dates.