How to Keep the Conversation Going on a First Date – And Make Her Want to See You Again

First Date

Don’t make the mistake of leaving a first date abruptly when you don’t feel there is a connection between you and your date. Your date got on well with you and it seems the two of developed a rapport, but now you feel it is time to end the date.

Here are three things that you can do to keep the conversation going on a first date.

First Date
  • Turn off the technology: You can make a positive difference in conversation when you turn off your mobile phone, laptop, extend your singles night and turn off all the tech gadgets you may have carrying with you. Smothering technology can distract you from the conversation and lead to awkward silences. Honesty and sincerity will hold a more engaging conversation.
  • Relationship background: Before you agree on a second date, make sure you have some basic relationship information about both of you. Such as if you are casually dating, what you have been doing, where you have been, where you met, who were you with, and what you are looking for from a second date. This information will assist you to frame your conversation and keep it flowing smoothly. Things may still go wrong but at least you will have a starting point.
  • Travel: Although your date was only at home because she wasn’t feeling well, travel and long-term moving away is therapeutic and may help with your ice breaker. It is not the best frame of mind to meet someone for the first time at a restaurant, hotel or nightclub. While conversation may flow easily in a loud environment, your date may feel like she is on an interview. Your first date should be about an informal setting where you can talk about each other comfortably.
  • Relax: By understanding the ice breaking conversation you can remain relaxed. Maybe you could tell your date that you will call her in a few days. If accepted, take the phone call while out and about a little. Relax and just talk casually. Play it cool, get to know your date.
  • Mind your body language: Your posture is as important as everything else on a first date.YOUourage openness. Do not cross your arms or legs across the front of you, sit with your legs wide apart.This is a powerful alienated body language sign. Eurry your sit withent open hands, put forth a comforting hand with a touch of your fingers on your date, sit upright.
  • Keep focused: By sitting with your arms crossed and legs crossed, you are sending a message that you are not a large open book. You are also telling your date that you want to keep things light and casual. By siting with your arms and legs wide apart, you are displaying a willingness to remain awhile. By sitting with your hands scatter on the table, you are saying you agg�eve forgot to make a perfect balance.
  • The hands are the window to the soul: Your hands could shed more light than you know. By leaving the table when you feel your date is not appealing, or making an exit while still talking, you are leaving the person thinking about you. The date is over before it has begun.

There are so many ways you can add value to each first date. A firm belief in yourself, a positive outlook, and a great personality are the essential elements to making a significant impact.

First Date