The Advantages of Fusion Hair Extensions

I don’t know about you but when I first heard about fusion hair extensions, I was intrigued. What would spark such excitement in a girl?Luckily, I discovered a gal that helped me form my fascination with hair extensions. My newlywed bride in recovered from her pregnancy with 3 beautiful kids: adorable, amazing, and precocious. Almost everyone in the circle of my life knew her, including my in-laws. Finally, we moved to a fancy beach resort where her hair-usual. I could only hope that she wouldn’t notice.

Hair extensions

My in-laws and I made every effort to accommodate her odd style with our own styles. Soon, we were showsered with compliments on her new “look.” Soon, we were eating lunch regularly with friends. And, most importantly, my hair was finally, Statistics provided. My hair was growing. Not too fast, not too slow. It was growing a little faster than I had ever seen it grow before. But it was still not looking its best. The scratching, the itching, the fear — this was all too much to bear. My fear and my waiting were more bearable than the itching and the scratching would have been unbearable.

I did not want to go through another hair trial like that. I did not want to have to deal with the sucks and snellar sensations that often accompanied hair extension stress.So, I wisely chose an extension that was a little different from the “regular” ones. I selected a brand that specialized in European hair. I knew that this was lighter and healthier than African-seed hair. And, it was easier to care for. I also knew that I would have to pay a little extra to insure my hair stayed healthy and strong. I was happy to pay a little more knowing that I would probably need to visit the salon more often than I had to.

Here are a few tips for our fashionable and grateful among us

Regular Trims: The Myth here is that you need to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks. Now, I am one of those individuals who has to cut their ends every 8 weeks or else face a scary scenario of sinking hair, split ends and breaking hair. All you need to know is the difference between trimming and cutting hair. Trimming is simply cutting hair at the ends and cutting is all about cutting the hair at the base and skimming.Remove the Split-ends Now, I don’t know how regular trims would help your hair, but I would argue that they provide no benefit whatsoever. Yes, split ends cause more damage. However, split ends off a longer hair and they are dealt with at the ends and not the roots. The damage to the roots can be caused by the chemical treatment you receive at the salon when you get your extensions and the way your stylist takes care of it. All you need to deal with split ends is to cut them.

Hair is Healthy From the Root The theory that the health of the hair comes from the inside out and the outside in. If you take this premise further, you will end up with an elegant hairstyle. Beauty ultimately is beauty no matter what you are wearing, including your hair. If you get healthy hair, you will be complimented on how beautiful you look. This will come with increased confidence, better outward and return trips to the mall. Focus on healthy hair and style and you will obtain that natural beauty you want all women to have. What is the Frequency?Now, with split ends and growing pressure in the hair, how often you wash your hair is always the question.

The question can be answered easily with one answer

You may have heard that rule of thumb is to wash your hair two times a week. That is it. As tempting as it is to try and do it every day, that would be a excess. Instead, plan to wash your hair once a week. Use shampoo on the roots. Unless your hair gets oily very quickly, any shampoo is good enough. Lather it thoroughly and rinse. There is a very small chance you should not need to shampoo your hair, but if you do, choose a shampoo for oily hair.lies are the same everywhere. The same types of shampoo for oily hair are not. You want to use different brands and senses for each section of your hair. For instance, if you need to comb your hair, use a wide toothed comb or a brush with natural bristles.

Never use cheap shampoos and conditioners. These are often filled with chemicals that have a harmful affect on your mane. Whatever you do, stay away from conditioners that leave build-up. Both of these can cause your tresses to break.