How to Get a Girl to Laugh

How to Get a Girl to Laugh

How to Get a Girl to Laugh? If you want to meet women, or just that one special girl you’ve been eying, the best way to start a conversation with her is to make her laugh. It doesn’t matter what you know about her; if she’s beautiful, intelligent, and a smart enough funny girl, you can usually break the ice with one of the tips below. It’s the easiest way to make her feel comfortable.

If you want to make her laugh, the first thing you need to do is simply make her smile. Nobody likes being around somebody who is sad. Just brightens up her day by putting a smile on her face. These are some great tips that will make you make a girl to laugh, and if you can eventually make her start talking about the presently happening events in her life, that would be even better.

How to Get a Girl to Laugh

How about asking her what she does for a living

There are a million things to answer, but what is true is that women love to talk about themselves, and they love to talk about what’s in their employ. So, if you ask her what her job is, and that she loves her job, or that she works asask her what she likes doing in her spare time, you can be sure she is not going to even consider talking about the latest requests from her boss at work.

Women love to discuss things of interest to men, especially topics currently in the news, and if you ask about current events, she is sure to respond with very positive things about your culture and your country. Because, women by nature, are more keener on current affairs than men, any topic that interests her and dives deeply into, is something that she will feel happy to talk about, and will considered potentially romantic and connect that feeling with you.

Sadly, not all men are gifted with the ability to talk to a girl about anything at all

If you are one of those men, the feeling can still be awkward and unexpelsent. You should, however, try to tap any available skills you may have to impress the ladies, and even if you are not quite sure of what exactly to say, you can always practice the chatting-up lines that are out there, and see how well they work.

How to Get a Girl to Laugh

Some of the low key lines you can try out to get her laughing are:

  • Are you and I accidentally born too near to forget?
  • Do you always do this? (What task did you perform this morning?)
  • Wow, you’re beautiful. But I have never seen you so beautiful in real life.
  • Breath. called you out!
  • I hope you know CPR, because you take my breath away!
  • * sounding like a jester* good entertainment, right?
  • Where have you been hiding the rest of your life?
  • What’s the gift that you have over others?
  • Where did you learn to do this?
  • Gorgeous, can I help you?
  • jazz hands oh no, just kidding, you can’t, baby?
  • I’ll run to my room.
  • Can I help you move those stuff on the floor?
  • drunk idiot trying to impress a girl: “he’s got somewhere to be, but maybe we can continue this later”

These are just a few example of opening and closing chat up lines and comments that you can use to pick up women. Feel free to change and tailor them however you want, and come up with your own creative original chat up lines, or even resort tooningalbers to pick up women.

Get a Girl to Laugh