How to Get Him to Approach You – Simple Ways to Get an Easy Conversation!

How to Get Him to Approach You

How to Get Him to Approach You – So there is this one guy you like but he hasn’t approached you yet. Or you are just dying to have him come up to you and tell you what he feels about you. How do you do it? Are there surefire ways to get him to approach you?

I know how frustrating it can be to sit there waiting for the chance to have a conversation. I’ve experienced this myself and I was afraid to approach men for fear of rejection. But here is the secret-you need to spark his interest, and he will come around. You just have to make it easy for him. Here are some ways to get him to approach you.

Are You Ready to Have Conversations With Him? Good! Then Continue ReadingThis article is full of great tips for women on how to talk to any guy that you meet. To get him to approach you, make sure you are ready to start a conversation. Make sure your conversation topics are interesting and appealing to this guy. Avoid talking about the weather and make sure you ask him about his hobbies. Then you have a conversation brewing!

How to Get Him to Approach You

Don’t flash too much

If you laugh too much and are too exuberant in your giggle, your guy might not take you seriously. Rather than laugh too much, why don’t you just crack a smile and a subtle grin. Your smile is an invitation to approach you. And the next thing you know is that he is coming up to you!

Talk about something fun

Don’t come up to him with heavy subjects like complexion of the earth and how many countries are part of the world. lighter topics are always best to talk about with each other. Ask him his favorite sport teams, games, interest and the like. That will help you drift away from your topic.

Be confident

If you feel that you have something to say and you say it well then you must be self assured and confident. Don’t fidget and act all shy. Walk with poise and stick to your words. He will be attracted to a woman who knows what she wants.

Don’t ask too many personal questions

Avoid asking him too many personal questions. He will be turned off by your curiosity. Guys like to talk about themselves, and when you start asking them about their personal life then there’s an end of your conversation. Stick to the basics like hobbies, work, interests.

Get Him to Approach You
Be relaxed and keep smiling

Keep a nice and pleasant smile on your face. An eye to eye communication is always better than just a words. It’s better to express genuine feelings with honest and endearing smile. If you need to add something, say it using facial emotions like anger, jealousy orappiness. And of course, don’t forget to smile at him!

Be corner clingers

Most men would not want to be seen hanging around a woman all night. And most of the time they don’t want to seen hanging around with a woman all day either. So make sure that you are available for his activities at a corner of the room or a little corner of the bar. Or give him a quick hug before you leave.

Be charming

If you want a man to approach you, or be attracted to you, for that matter, you have to be charming. A man always wants a woman who is feminine, soft spoken, susceptible to affection, soft and sweet. You can also be lovable, charming and adorable without being either of these things.