How to Make Him Love You Once and Commit to You? Here Is the headed Relationship Advice You Need Right Now

Love You

How to Make Him Love You Once and Commit to You? Guys are usually on the clay better than girls so, you actually have to be more patient with them. Although there are exceptions, generally women are happier with their men when compared to how they treat their women. Although no one will deny the equality of women, but most women would want to be treated like a princess. Below are few tips on how to impress your guy and make him pay attention.

Love You

Invest on what matters to him

If your relationship is based on what you want, then do something about it or rather assess what your man would like to invest on. In bond of love for example, nice evenings at home, romantic vacations or buying expensive gifts would make your man feel special.

Give him the space he needs

Men are usually guarded with their emotions and they definitely don’t like the word “stalker”. Give your man time and space to unwind and have fun. Be careful to not make him feel that you are always watching him. Allow him to have some alone time with his friends and buddies. Do something fun like watching that football game with your girlfriends.

Be attractive for yourself

Men want a girl who is attractive on the outside. Meaning, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be beautiful but the fact that you have healthy looking skin and hair and clothing all scream “hot.” Always wear clothes which fit your size rather than having giant sized clothes. You will need to work on your body. Eat right and exercise regularly. Guys admire women who aren’t treated like slaves.

Don’t say “yes” too oftenBeing a yes girl is very encouraging for your guy. It would convince him that you are a “yes” girl and he will know where you are coming from. He will respect you thinking you is a strong and independent woman. So say NO and do not entertain any unreasonable demands.

Love You
Take some time off

Leave him alone for a while- he will think of you as someone he can have as his partner in life. Take off for a couple of days- even if you just want to hangout with your friends, take off. Saying you tired of seeing each other for some time is tantamount to saying that you want to start a new life.

Meet your friends

Try to meet all your friends and hang out with them, you will have an honest and honest discussion with your friends and it will be the best way to tell your man that you want him in your life.

Have some alone time

Sometimes spending some alone time with your friends is the best way to tell your man that you want to be in a relationship involving more than just friendship. Make your man understand that hanging out with your friends is not a demarcation line but quite the opposite. allow him some private time with his friends and they will soon understand that you want more from your relationship.

Be passionate about life

A woman is all about passion. She has a life of her own and has a destiny in life. A man doesn’t want to be saddled with someone who has no passion in her life. Learn to love your life and be passionate about life. Once your man gets that he will be committed to you.

Be secure with himWhen you show to your man that you are secure and confident with him then he is sure to be secured with you.

Love You