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Platform Phoenix

The Platform Phoenix is a full-service social media management company. Their expertise extends to developing annual and quarterly platform social strategies, as well as brand social strategy and overall social media roadmap. Their editorial calendar process ensures that SYF channels and owned content are constantly evolving and innovative, while aligning with brand visual identity. In addition, they collaborate with internal teams to ensure content creation and distribution are in line with brand strategy and visual identity.


Content curation is the process of finding, organizing, and sharing relevant content online. It supports a brand’s created content strategy and helps a company or brand identify its most valuable audiences. Content curation tools like UpContent and Curation Traffic help users create and manage social media pages and websites. Spredfast connects brands, media, and agencies with their audiences using social media. Phoenix Platform – A Resourceful Social Curation Company helps brands and media integrate social media into their business models.

The company also has an incubator for Circular Economy Technology Solutions, which will help the company test out new ideas and implement them in existing businesses. The Resource Innovation and Solutions Network will serve as an online community for public and private partners to foster waste diversion and development of new technologies. In addition to Phoenix, it’s also a pillar of the Reimagine Phoenix initiative. A list of resources and services is available here.


As part of ASU’s Reimagine Phoenix initiative, the city of Arizona has formed a partnership with the Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives. Together, they have developed the Resource Innovation and Solutions Network, which is designed to be a global collaboration between public and private organizations and individuals to advance new technologies and processes for waste diversion. In this way, the Phoenix Platform can further promote social entrepreneurship in Arizona and beyond.

The Phoenix Platform’s flexible development tools and high-performing content marketing solutions allow users to create a customized site. These tools are crucial for social curation companies to generate revenue from content. These utilities enable users to create specific content and pre-launch posts. They also help businesses reach their target audience and generate effective marketing results. The Phoenix Company has a very high success rate for the tasks that they complete.

Platform Phoenix

In Short of the Platform Phoenix

Platform Phoenix offers one of the most comprehensive social curation platforms for developers and investors. Customizable at every step, Platform Phoenix helps build a social curation platform unique to your business.

By launching social curation platforms through Platform Phoenix, investors can reap significant results with a strong focus on audience engagement.

Description: Platform Phoenix is the one-stop shop for anything related to social curation. From developers to Investors, the unique platform is completely customizable at every level.