Platform Phoenix Is Giving You The Freedom To Create Unique Projects

Platform Phoenix

Platform Phoenix expedites the creation of excellent social curation projects. The Phoenix company started in 2013 and has been working with developers and investors.

The Platform Phoenix features offer extensive techniques for creating unique personalized projects to meet every person’s needs. The company supports English and Russian as basic languages in operations. Its systems are built on WordPress using Nginx servers.

Platform Phoenix has skilled personnel in charge of project creation and maintenance. In addition, the team has experience dealing with high-load platforms, sustaining products post-launch, and improving your marketing efficiency while increasing platform ROI.

What Principles Make Phoenix Unique in Creating Unique Projects?


Platform Phoenix supports a wide range of project kinds, allowing you to design Phoenix projects that are unique to your vision.


The company lets you interact with its technicians while your project is in progress. This ensures that your Phoenix projects come out as you had planned.

High-speed performance

The team’s capacity to handle high-load systems ensures that your project will easilly scale with demand.


Every day there are around 20 million searches for Phoenix projects, and the company sends half a billion emails to those interested in the projects.


In all subsystems, the company supports both vertical and horizontal scaling.


You will not experience entry barriers because all the development processes are well standardized.

Platform Phoenix

Phoenix for Developers

Platform Phoenix provides groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind technical solutions that a developer can use to create various sites with a vast array of functions. Phoenix features that are useful to developers include:

Semantic HTML Code

Phoenix HTML code is suitable for providing many cascading styles that come with different looks of your project. Additionally, the HTML code has helped many developers increase their site loading rate, simplify the site updates, and improve the search engine position of many Phoenix projects.

Module systems

Platform Phoenix has been using its logical system structure in customizing every module for specific project tasks thus improving its services.

YII framework

A quick, professional, and safe PHP framework with outstanding results, quick queries, and wireframing.

Industrial solutions

To have access to new developments in the industry, the Phoenix has enabled the use of Apache Lucene, MogileFS, Hadoop, MongoDB, and RabbitMQ.

Multifaceted Design

The company allows developers to add to the innovations and new technologies in their systems without altering the entire system.


Developers enjoy robust and rapidly expanding solutions without spending a fortune on new servers or enduring lengthy system downtimes.

Fewer Entry barriers

Platform Phoenix has reduced system barriers; hence developers get high-performance efficiency while working on their projects.

Phoenix for Investors

Investors get access to revolutionary solutions at Phoenix to build their social business. Some of the solutions that are supporting many investors in Phoenix include;

Module system

To improve investors’ platform performance, Phoenix incorporates logical systems that customize each module for a particular project.


Phoenix Company has powerful machines that work to improve investors’ results.

Configuration system

Investors have access to advanced configuration systems that they can use to launch extensive projects.

Mobile and social support

Phoenix allows investors to access the support systems at any time.

Industrial solutions

To have access to new developments in the industry, the Phoenix has enabled the use of Apache Lucene, MogileFS, Hadoop, MongoDB, and RabbitMQ.


Platform Phoenix is useful in the creation of social curation Phoenix projects. Moreover, Phoenix features such as configuration systems, industrial solutions, YII framework, semantic HTML code, etc., make it a suitable platform for developers and investors.