A Primer on Dating in Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish- does it have a pay wall?

If you have not heard of Plenty of Fish before you may be interested to know that this dating website is for online dating with a twist. Thousand of fish have been specially created to help people meet each other. The unique thing about Plenty of Fish is that it allows you to chat with fish.

The impression they give is not like in a typical online dating site where you have to beat a path to catch their attention. Fish are there to chat with due to the fact that they are naturally curious.The website has been gaining a lot of attention over the past few years. This attention has primarily been positive but some people have also raised some concerns about the method used to introduce potential love interests to each other.

Generally, the website is not a free website and, I am told, it has always been so. However, in my research, I found that the website is pay. I’m not sure why that is the case but, it is true.When you sign up with the Plenty of Fish website, you will be required to use a username. Also, there is a Guy LetsGuys feature that allows you to connect with eligible guys that you think match well with you.

This is a free feature of Plenty of Fish however; as you will need to upgrade to access the more sophisticated features. The lower level services, which Iam assuming is the free service, are relatively limited in terms of what they can introduce you to. When you search for a username, it will show you several matches. The first thing that will jump out at you is a free matchmaker that will take the pressure off of you.

The website does not come up with a page that asks you to pay once you have registered

Unlike most of the other dating websites that are free, Plenty of Fish is not going to ask you to cough up a membership fee before you start.My first encounter with Plenty of Fish was a little frustrating. The website is nicely designed and relatively easy to use. The clicker technology seems to work well and you will be presented with a list of potential matches when you sign up.

After you list down the names of the fish you want to date, the website will send a selection to each fish and, within a few minutes, you will be notified of the first of many dates. You do not have to make a long-term commitment if you like the first date or even if you have many matches.

The idea is that you have given plenty of fish a chance and it is up to the fish if you accept or not. When you register, Plenty of Fish will automatically fill you in on the personality profile and therefore the potential matches and, best of all, the ability to email each other.

The communication between the two fish is done through emails and the phone. The email service is good and sufficient as far as online dating is concerned. The tone taken on the phone is slightly different but not too far off. It is, however, a very good method of getting to know a fish and the visits to the website will prove very interactive.

Plenty of Fish is not just for those who are shy or timid of personality and, it certainly does not encourage the egotistical or the conceited. There are other people out there who may feel like they will benefit from a free service. Many others have enjoyed their time with Plenty of Fish and, there is no doubt, there will be even more soon to come.