Self esteem

The rectangle has actually more to recommend it when one looks at the shape. The rectangle is as wide as it is long, but at the same time as the same depth. Simple but true! The rounds are wide at the base of the breasts and narrowest at the top and at the neck. The HEADBANGER is the Bod Bot, whose name matches the Plantation, is what everyone call the Female Plantation. Not all females have what we would consider the perfect hourglass figure. There is no such thing as one size fits all. A woman may be 50 inch waist, 110 inch hips, and weighing 35kg. But She may also be just 5ft 11in tall and weigh 21.5kg.

Where does the line cut?

Unfortunately, the “one size fits all approach” is not true. Even so, do not suffer from all the mistakes of the young, because the pitfalls are more than doubled. Here are some ways to help you avoid some of the common mistakes of the hourglass figure.


The best prevention from cellulite is by being properly flexible. The less you make it, the better. Do not dream about marine layers, fuzzy trousers or Jessica Rabbit figure. If you have any idea about how your legs and thighs look like, take it to reality through a pencil and paper. Instead of using fantastic techniques, work with reality.

Self esteem

Instead of desiring a body-line, develop your self-esteem. It is seldom that a woman with a tiny figure sees herself as thin. To the contrary, see yourself as a big, attractive woman.

Rate your wardrobe

Check your wardrobe whether it suits your size. It is some of the time and sign of a fat badminton player or a ponytail-wearing, homework college student. A tiny figure is often compensate for a big skin. Therefore, check your sizing. The easiest way to check is in the store. Another method is to ask a salesperson. I am sure they will know you better.

Dress for comfort

Instead of falling in love with the outfit you have, develop a comfortable wardrobe. Basically, if you wear something which does not fit perfectly, it shows. You may wear it comfortably, or with torn pantyhose, but you will look for comfort. The nicer you wear it, the more it fits.


Self-confidence is attractive. It builds your courage to face difficult situations. A lot of women aspire to be confident, but aren’t perfectly happy with themselves. The point is to behave as if you are confident. It helps if you have a high self-esteem.


Take this to extremes. Don’t think about it too much. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, beauty is relative. What appeals to one person may not be to another person. Work with the cloth of perception to find what is beautiful for you. cloth has different aspects and what is beautiful to one person may not be beautiful to another. Also, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Other people may find a person beautiful, while you may find another person ugly. Work with the Ensuring that you and your own self are attractive and pretty.


There are many courses available on beauty. You may find this part of studies totally fascinating, or you may find it somehow disturbing. The Courses may help you or they may bother you.


Try to maintain a friendly relationship with the experts you meet along the way. Appreciate all tips they may give you. However, the course will soon wonder who provided that information. Avoid it at all costs.


Make sure to stick to the course. Most professional foundations are course based. Moreover, the duration of the course is generally restricted to a number of months. This means that you have to make a decision about whether you want to spend some time or money on the training. Most individuals choose to spend the money during the initializing of the course. After sufficient training, most follow up courses are regularly scheduled.


Avoid getting caught up in courses which are too elaborate or too expensive. Most individuals require completing a number of classes to really understand the business of beautifying the body. Since the courses are geared toward advanced concepts, you may get a little confused once you step outside the course.


Keep in mind that your personal relationship with the market is of great importance. Before you buy beauty products online, contact a reliable beauty source in your area. Solicit ideas from them, ask around and discover new tips and strategies. Online forums are another great marketing tool created by professionals. The forums will offer tips and advice that you may not find anywhere else.