She Playing You

Imagine this scenario. You are in a bar and you see a beautiful woman across the room. She is wearing a pair of revealing jeans, a tight fabric midriff, a strap necklace and a sheer top. You decide to yourself that you would like to be with this woman and you get up to go and speak to her. But she never even looks your way. You try to get back to your friends but get the old chicken from the boss and just go back to your seat. You keep on looking out the window and your eyes are glued on the ground. You feel your stomach flutter and the thought of getting exactly what you want is just not happening. You are asking yourself questions and correcting your answers so many times as you make the obvious mental notes. Is she playing you? Of course she is.

Woman are masters at play

They perfected the art several years ago. They can play you all the time. They can flow you into her arms and take from you what is right in front of your face. You are the tool and she is using her art to make her mark. You need to learn to recognize the signs. Here are a few simple signs to identify right now. You are in the company of a pretty girl. The company is enjoyable and you have just ordered a bottle of wine. If she is completely taken by the bottle, you will notice that she is trying to find the perfect setting in which to get your attention. If you are with a group of friends, you will also notice that she is trying to find someone to whisk you away to a little background.

She is playing hard to get, you are the prize and she is using her skills to ensure that she gets to keep you. In a bar scene, if a pretty woman is playing hard to get with you, it simply means that she is seeing if you are worth her time and effort. In this scenario, do you think that a man would sit back comfortably and wait? Of course not. After all, he is just looking for entertainment. If you are determined to meet a pretty girl, set a goal for yourself and know that it is worth it. Sometimes, it is just worth approaching a pretty girl because she might just be the queen of the night and you might just find yourself a lifetime companion.

Don’t be shy and take charge

If over a hundred men are trying to get a single pretty girl, you might as well do your part. Stand up and be the man. If you wait for a man to approach, you might as well sit and continue reading this article. It is obvious that a man wants to find himself with a graceful lady of substance. But of course, the same goes for a woman. There is nothing wrong in being fabulous. A single lady is enough to spark up a thousand men. If you are determined to find a pretty girl, don’t stop yourself. The transition from single guy to a happily ever after man does not happen overnight. It takes effort, but of course it is worth it.

Now that you have a few tips on how to meet girls, do go out and have some fun. Meet girls wherever and whenever you can. If you are determined to meet girls, go out there and find them. All the single men out there have joined the singles’ blink and are looking to find love and romance. The single girls are also looking for a man to join them in their beautiful world. If you want a pretty girl, go and find her. And if you are not sure if she is a pretty girl or not, go and find out for yourself.

It is an adventure to start a relationship with a beautiful girl. There are guys who are absolutely tongue-tied in front of a girl with so much charm. It takes an effort to get his brain and to actually talk to the girl. Some guys are not blessed with good looks and yet they have the will power to win the heart of a pretty girl. In a society where men are expected to do the chasing, a lot of guys are discouraged to be able to talk to a pretty girl. The good news is that not all men are scared of meeting a pretty girl. If you are looking for something very worthwhile, you have to make the effort to do something about it.

If you are really determined to meet a girl of beauty who is willing to stay only with you forever, you better start studying some of the tips listed below. Do something to improve your love life. You do not have any excuses anymore. You do not have to be someone who is willing to settle for nothing. You have to be willing to do what it takes. Make a decision today and do something to improve your love life.