The Power Of Humor To Attract Women

The Power Of Humor To Attract Women

You can make woman like you through use of your sense of humor. Happiness is a people magnet that attracts all sorts of people. People who are always in a lively mood tend to be very funny people and this is the reason why you should use humor to attract women.To make woman like you through the use of your sense of humor you need to develop this aspect of your personality as a whole. Most women would like to hang around with funny men so as to have fun time with them. Develop your skills in making woman laugh and you will see that it is very easy to attract any women that you wish to.

So now let me share some tips on how to use humor to attract women:

Start by developing humor as a habit. Humor is a powerful technique that can help you in gaining attraction of any woman that you desire.When you start using humor you will feel that you are becoming a naturally funny person. This will help in making your humor appealing to majority of women.Now that you have developed your humor to a excellent level, it is time to see how does it affect your personality. To answer this question chin up and evaluate yourself. Are you genuinely funny or do you just pretend to be funny? Women obviously like those who are funny but when you start reading a script you will find it hard to deliver the humor naturally without stuttering or nervousness.

Instead of this you should be looking at the improvement of your humor by analyzing your jokes performance. You should be able to find any mistakes or awkward jokes where you believed it is better to stop and correct it before they are over.This can be done by asking yourself questions before you make the joke. It will not only help you improve your humor but it will also show that you are serious about other aspects of your life. If you are a very serious person then you should avoid making jokes about other people or events.

Be naughty by use of puns and you will be attracting women very easily

Puns help you in creating conversation and breaking the ice. If you can add some humor to your conversation then it will be perfect. You should first be comfortable with jokes before you make t joke at the person to whom you are talking.There is approximately 12 hours’ difference in the opinion of people. So do not make jokes on the previous date because it can be perceived as very offensive for the other person. If you want to get married, learn from your past relationships. Explore what you can do to improve your relationship. So it should be a better one. If you cannot compare it with other relationships because it is personal then do not make any jokes about your past relationship.

When making money from your salvaged life, do not brag to everyone. Your partner should feel that you are serious with her and she plays a vital role in your life. Never make fun of her or others as it will create a bad impression about you. Laughing is an essential part of any humor show so always act the part of a humorous person and do remember that.Smile is another tip in making woman like you. Men who can smile a lot to anyone and everyone is always attractive and those who cannot make the first move will face an uphill struggle for any woman. While smiling helps in lightening the situation for any one who faces an awkward situation in lightening the mood of the meeting.