How Can a Woman Increase a Man’s Desire for Her?


7 Things Which Will Help You Here

Men in general are ruled by their ego and this does not allow certain women to even enter a room without attracting a man’s attention. If you are one of those women who are not able to resist a man’s attention and want to keep it, you should follow these tips so as to make him desire you more.Try to look stunning The first step in attracting a man is to look good, more attractive than the next woman. Take care to look glamorous and look sexy, to keep his attention on you. Most men can be attracted to a well dressed woman so dress up whenever you go out.

Be witty and intelligent

You don’t have to do a lot of talking, just learn to use your wits on the way you think and speak up whenever you have a conversation with him. He will be attracted to your intelligence more than his looks.Be commanding and independent You don’t have to be subservient to a man, nor do you have to seem careless with your own self. Learn to show him that you are a woman, prove your mettle, prove that you are an all-action woman, and he will stay captivated.

Learn the art of flirtation Do not hesitate and act flirtatious. Flirt at the right time and to the right extent. Use your eyes, your body language, your sweet smile and your laughter to attract him. He will definitely get attracted to you.Grab his attention with your gracious smile When he is talking to you, always offer him a sweet sweet smile. Show him that you are interested in hearing what he has got to say. Smile while speaking, let your gaze wander down the length of his body while you speak, all these will leave him craving for more of you.

Talk to him directly While talking to him, try to linger on with what he is saying. Lean over him while talking to make your point, laugh while he is talking and stay with him at arm’s length to excite his interest in you.Ask him out directly Your guy is a little shy and polite enough to offer you a ride home in most cases, so try to ask him out for a casual dinner outing. But if he bowls up to you in a hard-to-get manner say “sure, I’d love to”, then he will eat out of your hands.

Compliment him and ask him for a date

While he’s speaking to you, make sure you compliment him and ask him for a personal date, too. Make him see that you find him a very interesting person and also tell him how well he acted in your company.Slowly eat out of his hands and turn him into your willing partner You can behave in a manner that he will find sexy and confident too. Make him feel that you would love to be with him and that all his behavior will earn you a blush for the warmth that he has Temper tantrums and tantrums of his own! Show him that you want to be intimate with him.

Slowly start going out with someone else One of the easiest ways to build up courage is by taking the help of another guy when he gets a little bit too defensive and shy with you. If he has got a whole lot of self-consciousness then he will find it really difficult to ask you out again. But just take it easy!Keep him guessing your intentions By now he should have caught on to your signals that you like him and like being intimate with him. If he feels like he is being eaten at because he has not done any of that, then he will not even attempt to take your friendship a step further. So be one! Let him see that you are free and willing to be intimate with him.